July 25, 2017

Company Nurtures Positive Work Environment


Professionals do what they love and love where they do it at GPA Consulting. The multi-disciplinary firm, which specializes in environmental planning, biology studies, and historic preservation—values a positive work environment, and its executive team continually strives to nurture professional development, work-life balance, and a warm, supportive atmosphere. GPA, like other companies that have a strong workplace culture, understand a positive workplace is beneficial to both the employee and the company. Employees who feel valued have greater job satisfaction, a more pleasant personality, and give their best. Companies have a more loyal workforce and higher retention.

Forbes magazine stated in a February 2017 article, “When people feel like they belong to an organization, they’re more likely to stick around for the long term. That means lower turnover, fewer new hires to deal with, and better chemistry among your team.”

An article published a year earlier in Entrepreneur stated that a positive environment brings out the best in people. “Human beings are fundamentally simple and a positive work environment impacts the way they think, act, and reflect.” And they reflect that positivity outwardly to other staff and clients. 


GPA team members say teamwork, flexibility, and inclusion are just a few of the attributes that make their work environment a positive one. “As someone who is pretty introverted, it is easy to get wrapped up in my own world. When the rest of the office is welcoming, inclusive, and warm, it makes it easier to open up and build trust,” said Danielle Thayer, an environmental planner at GPA. “When cliques form in the office and people play favorites, the environment can quickly turn hostile, making others feel uncomfortable and left out, eventually causing them to pull away from their work and their work place.”

Thayer, who sometimes brings her dog Franklin to work, added that she appreciates an animal-friendly office. “I love having animals around me at work as a reminder not to take life too seriously,” she said. “We shouldn’t waste a second of being upset or angry about things.”


Senior Preservation Planner Jenna Kachour appreciates the flexibility GPA offers in schedules that helps employees to have that work-life balance many employees find important. “We are not rigid about the idea of what a typical workweek or workplace should look like. We have employees on a variety of schedules,” she said. “We trust our teammates to do what they need to do in order to be productive and happy at work and at home.”

“I echo Jenna’s comments!” added Laura O’Neill, a senior architectural historian. “I’d also say that we sincerely try (and usually succeed!) through the hiring process to grow our team with people who value kindness, cooperation, and humor, in addition to being the best at what they do.”

Employees who reflect these qualities, and who are team players, can bring out the best in each other—even during challenging times.

“You turn to your team for support and together you think of solutions you wouldn’t have on your own,” said Jeanne Ogar, a senior environmental planner at GPA. She added that when there’s teamwork and brainstorming in an office environment a person doesn’t feel alone when issues arise. “You can focus on a problem, which is negative, or, you can focus on problem-solving, which is positive.”

GPA is at the forefront of better workplaces. The mutually respectful, employee-focused work atmosphere fosters a team of professionals who deliver high-quality service to clients.