November 7, 2017

Recruiting and Retaining the Best Team

GPA Consulting Team


Quality. Integrity. Reliability. These are not mere words that sound good on a brochure, but values at the core of GPA Consulting’s mission to provide exceptional client service and project deliverables. To ensure outstanding service is offered and first-rate work is completed, GPA carefully cultivates a team of professionals that shares the company’s values and strives to fulfill the mission.

“It only takes one sour grape to ruin the fruit salad,” says Andrea Galvin, GPA’s president and founder. “That’s why we take our time to find the right person.”

In the long run, Galvin adds, it’s better to wait for the best fit then to hire the wrong person simply to fill an open position quickly.


But how do you recruit and hire the best? Here is some advice from our senior staff:

• Network even when there isn’t an open position, and talk to potential candidates who have been recommended by trusted colleagues.

• Make sure your website illustrates your company culture and lists the employment benefits you offer.

• Be selective and take the time to find the right person and fit. GPA looks for candidates who value kindness, cooperation, and humor, in addition to being the best at what they do.

• Look for candidates who can articulate their problem-solving skills. How have they overcome challenges using their skill sets or positive personality traits?


Now that you have the right people in place, how do you keep them?

• Provide an office environment that is positive, supportive, professional, and fun.

• Create a mutually respectful workplace. Every person plays a vital role in the operation of the company; therefore, each person should feel valued.

• Nurture work-life balance. Employees who are happy and rested are more productive.

• Emphasize continuous improvement by making professional development opportunities available.


People are at the core of GPA Consulting’s success. Each person is uniquely qualified at his or her expertise, and together create a dynamic team that works well with and genuinely likes each other. “We’ve created a really special workplace with hardworking, mutually respectful employees,” Galvin says.


Would you like to do what you love and love where you do it? Learn more about our open positions on our Career page. (Link career page)